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Biodegradable Paper Cups

A typical paper cup can be defined as a disposable cup made of paper coated with a layer of thin plastic or wax to stop liquid from leaking out or soaking through the paper.Paper cups are said to be 99% recyclable and biodegradable,but said that we must note that recycling the paper cups need some more processes than a normal paper or cardboard product.

All paper cups  produced by printed paper cup so far come with a thin coat of the common plastic or polyethylene ( PE ) to prevent leakage and keep warm things warm(As per the rules laid by EU health and safety regulations a coffee cup should have a thin layer of plastic coated to keep coffee or other warm liquid  warm.).

These PE coated paper cups are said to be 99% biodegradable and 100% recyclable,provided they are  being thrown away into properly assigned paper cup bins,if not then they got mixed with other wastes and got contaminated.These contaminated paper cups cannot be recycled thus end up in UK’s ever growing landfill.

Printed Paper Cup  being one of the UK leading manufacturer of printed paper cups which are 100% recyclable. Printed Paper Cup works in coordination with firms like Viridor to ensure that their production line is consistent with their vision of cost friendly, cheaper recycled paper cups. Since their entry into the paper cup manufacturing industry, they have been able to use recycled paper to produce single printed paper cups, double wall printed paper cups, ice cream pots and cups, paper food baskets, sip through lids, deli cups, vending cups and many more recycled products.We also took our social responsibility very seriously and ensure that all our paper cups observes our Green footprint objective.We obtain our raw materials only from FSC PEFC accredited companies.

Now to reduce the carbon footprint from our environment we have switched to a new emerging technology is known as EarthCoating®.Cups produced using these technology shall be 100%
biodegradable and Green alternative to PE cups.

As per definition,EarthCoating® is a highly mineralized resin alternative to traditional polyolefin barrier coatings for paperboard packaging applications such as paper cups, folding cartons, food trays, etc.

According to EarthCoating® is a compound produced when Calcium Carbonate is blended into polyolefin resin,, which may be extrusion coated onto various papers and paperboards at high commercial line speeds using existing machinery and without any additional capital investment.

One of the produced material using this EarthCoating® technology is PLA. A PLA-based coating offers the intrinsic value proposition of ZERO material carbon footprint. PLA can be defined as a mixed grade paper barrier alternative to PE and are made of 40% traditional PE resin mixed with 60% Calcium Carbonate.This mixture is then blended and shaped and coated on any of the paper products like paper cups using the same machinery used in coating 100% PE.

Apart from ‘Zero’ carbon footprints the advantages of switching to PLA coated cups over PE coated cups are as follows.

1. PE coating on paper is not compatible with end-of-life composting or recycling operations. Replacing the petro-fossil PE coatings with bio-based and fully biodegradable PLA coatings offers the value proposition of a reduced material carbon footprint and its process carbon footprint mirrors existing PE operations.–source:

2. PLA-based coatings can be successfully processed on traditional PE lines when modifications are made to the formulation to improve melt strength and elongational viscosity such that strain hardening occurs at higher elongational rates of >1sec-1. –source:

3. PLA-based coated paper provides water-proofing and grease resistance that is competitive with a PE coated paper.–source:


Thus ensuring our commitment towards our customers to fulfil the supply of 100% biodegradable environment friendly paper cups at a very affordable rate with fastest delivery.

The volume of food human beings eat has been on the rise. This increase in food consumption has also brought about an increase in the amount of waste we generate. A need has therefore arisen to take care of the environment while, at the same time, satisfying the consumer needs for food. To do this, we have developed 100% biodegradable branded paper cups.

Statistics show that in the U.K alone, 2.5 billion disposable cups are dumped. Only a few of these cups are recycled. The rest find their way into landfills, an approximate 25,000 tonnes of waste. An increasing number of people as well as companies have adopted green living as a lifestyle and a way of doing business. We believe that this is a lifestyle every person and company should adopt. It is for this reason that we have introduced the 100% biodegradable paper cups. We are committed to manufacturing products that are healthy to both the user and the environment. We have a zero tolerance policy for petroleum-based plastic.

Biodegradable food packaging is set to dominate the market

Research has shown that as far as disposables in the food industry go, bowls and cups take up the largest share. This trend is expected to remain constant well into 2022. Disposable products with a short life-span like paper cups are a major player in the market as a solution to waste management. Large event organizers and caterers are joining the green bandwagon, giving disposable food packaging a major boost.

As green technologies are becoming cheaper and more readily available, we believe that no player in the food industry has an excuse not to be part of the green movement. We hold the belief that it is our duty to make the world more sustainable by cleaning up our carbon footprint to put a stop to any further damage to the planet.

Biodegradable Paper Cups are Easy to Recycle and Free From Toxins

While many companies tout paper coffee cups as being recyclable, this is not 100% true. The reason behind this is that coffee cups cannot be made purely from paper or cardboard alone. A thin layer of plastic is usually blended with the paper or cardboard to prevent it from soaking the coffee and becoming mushy. At the recycling plant, special equipment is needed to separate the plastic from the cardboard or paper. For this reason, many recycling plants turn away these types of coffee cups, which then end up in landfills.

Modern technology has, however, made it possible for the manufacture of non-petroleum based plastics such as those made from trees, sugar cane and corn. It is possible to fully decompose these to their natural ingredients and have the waste fully absorbed back into the earth with no negative impact on the environment whatsoever. The humic compost that remains as a result of this action can be used to improve the nutrient content of the soil as well as its ability to retain water. This enables plants to grow healthier with little need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Bioplastics is another top choice for energy efficiency. The United States, for instance, uses 200,000 barrels of oil on a daily basis to manufacture plastic for packaging purposes alone. As biodegradable products are made from alternative resources, a major reduction in oil consumption will be experienced.

Improving brand image with biodegradable takeaway paper cups and

The number of consumers demanding environmentally-friendly products like biodegradable cups is on the rise. These people are not only living what may be called ‘green lives’, they are also demanding the same of companies they buy from. A report released by PR Newswire showed that 89% of consumers would buy from a company that is environmentally friendly than from one that is not. It is therefore important for a business to use biodegradable branded paper cups to appeal to such a market.

With a lot of focus being put on eco-friendly lifestyles and recycling, consumers are putting a lot of emphasis on buying products like branded biodegradable cups whic are packaged using biodegradable materials. Businesses can greatly improve their image as well as their sales volumes and profits by going green and using biodegradable branded paper cups in their day to day activities.

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